KLM Crown Lounge 52 , Schiphol, NL (10-25-2018)

Who doesn’t love a good lounge. This KLM Crown Lounge is located in the international pier at Amsterdam airport, so if you’re flying outside of the Schengen zone here you go.

At 9:30 in the morning, a brief queue to check credentials and then inside. It is a very large lounge. Nearly all seats filled but I managed to find one and set my stuff down before heading over to grab a bite.

Standard European breakfast with cold cuts and sliced cheese, some oatmeal, fresh bread, pastries, fruit, self-service liquor including spirits and wine. Reasonably well taken care of with a clean counter, plenty of flatware and lots of glasses. Coffee ready to roll too.

They do not make flight announcements here, so watch your time. And remember that Amsterdam is UTC +1:00 which might be different than where you’re connecting from. Oops.

[Review 9925 overall, 1503 of 2018.]

KLM Crown Lounge 52 , Schiphol, NL (10-25-2018)

2018-10-08 09.30.59

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