Green Line – B Trains, Boston, MA (10-25-2018)

Boston’s Green Line is the oldest train line in America, dating back to 1897. The B branch of the line is the northernmost of the three lines that split west of Kenmore. It travels down the middle of Commonwealth Avenue (aka Comm Ave) and ends at Boston College. There are 24 stations on the Green Line, which runs about six miles. A full run at a normal time will take about 45 minutes. Busier times are close to an hour.

During rush hour, the trains run often but not often enough. It gets way too crowded. I’ve skipped boarding trains at Boylston for 20 minutes until there was enough room for me to squeeze on. Fortunately, I don’t have to commute in Boston because this would suck. I’m sorry, fellow riders!

And as for the riders, I do see the occasional dude offer his seat to a more senior rider. This doesn’t happen often enough, especially when the sign says right there that the seat is reserved for handicapped or elderly!

My review of stations on the B Branch:
Boston College –
South Street –
Chestnut Hill Avenue –
Chiswick Road –
Sutherland Road –
Washington Street –
Warren Street –
Allston Street –
Griggs Street –
Harvard Avenue –
Packards Corner –
Babcock Street –
Pleasant Street –
St. Paul Street –
BU West –
BU Central –
BU East –
Blandford Street –
Kenmore –
Hynes Convention Center –
Copley –
Arlington –
Boylston Street –
Park Street –

[Review 9928 overall, 1506 of 2018.]

2018-10-16 18.45.28

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