Blandford Street MBTA – Green Line B, Boston, MA (10-25-2018)

The first above ground station on the B line as it starts its way (or ends its way, I suppose) along Commonwealth Avenue. Blandford Street Station is a stone’s throw from Kenmore Square and could be an easy way to avoid the crowds from there if you’re headed to Fenway Park.

This station does not have an audible or visual announcement of the next train. It is not handicapped accessible. There are no ticket machines or turnstiles here.

If you are boarding the train at Blandford Street, you will need to do so at the front door next to the driver so that you can provide payment. If you are disembarking here, you will need to press the “stop request button.”

Blandford Street is between Boston University East (outbound) and Kenmore (inbound).

[Review 9927 overall, 1505 of 2018.]

Link: Blandford Street MBTA – Green Line B, Boston, MA (10-25-2018)

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