Taberninha do Manel, Vila Nova de Gaia, PT (10-24-2018)

Wrapping up my time in Porto, my final dinner of the trip had me at Taberninha do Manel.

Service was a little off. It was just difficult getting things started but once someone finally spotted me and saw that I still had a menu, it was all perfect from there.

I had two plates for dinner. The octopus was excellent. The dish is served cold and has plenty of grilled octopus in a flavorful sauce. The cubed pork was served hot and was also tasty though bathing in oil. I took much of the great bread from the pork plate for the octopus sauce.

Port wine on the menu here and several different varieties. I had two and they were great. Not a very expensive meal at all.

[Review 9918 overall, 1496 of 2018.]

Link: Taberninha do Manel, Vila Nova de Gaia, PT (10-24-2018)

2018-10-07 17.24.12

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