Funicular dos Guindais, Porto, PT (10-24-2018)

One thing I learned during my long weekend is that every hill you walk down in Porto is another one that you’re just going to have to climb back up. And walking down from the Sé to the Douro river side, I knew that I would have to climb back up this dang hill.

But NO! Here’s the funicular which for the low, low price of €2.50 each way and a short wait, I got to let technology raise me up.

It’s simple enough. Buy your ticket from the man behind the glass. And then hand your ticket to the man at the turnstile (probably the same man). Climb aboard. And you’re done.

The ride is quick, smooth and fun. Great view of the Ponte Dom Luís I if you’re at the proper end of the car.

[Review 9920 overall, 1498 of 2018.]

Link: Funicular dos Guindais, Porto, PT (10-24-2018)

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