Câmara Municipal do Porto, Porto, PT (10-24-2018)

I spent four nights in Porto, my first trip to the Portugal side of the Iberian peninsula. I had a five star time here.

So much history and so many sites to see. Lots of churches. Don’t miss the Sé do Porto, Igreja dos Clérigos and the Ponte Dom Luís I.

The food was fantastic. I got to taste all sorts of great meals on my Taste Porto Food Tour, I found myself a Francesinha sandwich, I ate a grilled hot dog sandwich, I had some burgers. Tip for eating is to eat early. The more popular restaurants, I was never able to figure out how to get a reservation or work out how the queue goes. It just looked like a big crowd and that does not work for me. Yum!

Even though Porto is known for their port wine – and I did have a few samples of that wonderful stuff – the city has a growing population of craft beer places. Many of them have food to go with the beer, too. Cheers!

Pretty much everyone I interacted with was super friendly. And nearly everyone speaks at least some English. This was helpful for someone who can order a cerveja and that’s about it. Hooray!

Getting around was easy with a metro that was cheap, fast and clean. It worked terrific for me every time, especially from the airport. Zoom!

Prices are so low here. It was great getting terrific value from my dollar to Euro exchange. Awesome!

After four trips to Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Palma and Bilbo), I was glad to try something a little different and I am so glad that I did. Porto is super!

[Review 9922 overall, round number 1500 of 2018.]

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