Terrace Arts Cafe, Porto, PT (10-22-2018)

My final full day in Porto and I was so glad to land here at Terrace. This restaurant clearly caters to tourists with an English menu and waiters that speak clear English. I was here for breakfast but from the shelves of spirits and racks of wine, they definitely offer later meals as well.

Tempted by the avocado toast, I’m just not millennial enough and decided to splurge the €7 for the salmon toast. That’s breakfast food for sure. It took about five minutes for my coffee and then another ten for breakfast.

A healthy portion of toasted sourdough with a thick layer of salmon and cream cheese underneath. Delicious and Instagram worthy.

This was not a very expensive meal for value. And that was just breakfast. There’s more than there’s other and it’s a nice spot to sit on the patio on a nice day. Enjoy!

[Review 9912 overall, 1490 of 2018.]

Link: Terrace Arts Cafe, Porto, PT (10-22-2018)


2018-10-07 09.53.522018-10-07 09.53.52

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