Igreja de São Francisco, Porto, PT (10-23-2018)

No one builds like Catholics. This massive structure was built in the mid 18th century. Nasoni designed both the building and some of the carving used to decorate the inside. Well worth the few Euros for the self-directed tour, you can walk around and take as many pictures (no flash!) as you like.

I did leap out of my comfort zone and go downstairs to the Crypt of the brothers. I stayed for all of about two minutes before I had to bail. If that sort of thing is interesting for you, then you’ll enjoy this. I got creeped out.

Upstairs where there’s windows and daylight, it’s a beautiful structure and a clear demonstration of the power and magnificence of the Church. An enjoyable time for believers and non-believers.

[Review 9915 overall, 1493 of 2018.]

Link: Igreja de São Francisco, Porto, PT (10-23-2018)

2018-10-07 15.22.17

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