Honorato, Porto, PT (10-23-2018)

Burger bar and beer bar but Honorato is also a “gin bar” with a hundred or so different varieties of gin and a dozen or so varieties of tonic. The menu features a list of gin drinks. Yeah, this isn’t your regular watering hole at atll!

I opted for a Gordon’s Cucumber Gin with the Schweppes tonic and it arrived in a large “fishbowl” glass, looking very pretty. I’m not sure what else was in there, but the dried orange was pretty and probably did add some flavor.

Burger and fries for lunch was decent. Not great but good. Too much bun and the meat was not very flavorful. Topped nicely but definitely needed ketchup.

I decided to have a beer for dessert and did some Yelp reviews on their wifi while my feet rested.

Mostly a good meal but a very good drink.

[Review 9913 overall, 1491 of 2018.]

Honorato, Porto, PT (10-23-2018)

2018-10-07-13-16-23.jpg2018-10-07 13.53.49-1

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