Metro da Trindade, Porto, PT (10-22-2018)

Surface level station but inside a building, Trindade was built on the site of a former railway station. It’s interesting to see as it is the only station in the Porto Metro system where the A, B, C, E and F lines intersect with the D line. It is the busiest station in the system, earning nearly 1/6th of all ticket validations.

Transit between lines is well marked and signage is good. The station is completely handicapped accessible with elevators. There are automated ticket vending machines available and I saw a good number of reflective-jacket wearing helpers too.

For the A, B, C, E, and F lines, Trindade is between Bolhão and Lapa. On the D line, it is between Aliados and Faria Guimarães.

[Review 9908 overall, 1486 of 2018.]

Link: Metro da Trindade, Porto, PT (10-22-2018)

2018-10-06 19.36.302018-10-06 19.36.57

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