Igreja do Carmo, Porto, PT (10-22-2018)

Yeah, this isn’t one church. This is TWO churches built side by side and separated by a one-meter wide house. Because one is for the nuns and one is for the priests and we can’t have them sharing space, donchaknow?

Dating back to the 18th century, The Church of Our Lady of Carmo is covered with the beautiful azulejo tiles and is one of Porto’s best rococo architecture. The tiles tell the story of the foundation of the Carmelite Order and was designed by Silvestro Silvestri. Interestingly, the facade presents and is not a relief.

Unfortunately, I did not have an opportunity to tour the inside but everything I’ve read suggests that it’s well worth your time.

[Review 9911 overall, 1489 of 2018.]

Link: Igreja do Carmo, Porto, PT (10-22-2018)

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