General Humberto Delgado Statue, Porto, PT (10-22-2018)

When I see these statues and memorials, it helps me to find out interesting things. Who was this man? Why is there a memorial? What about his life are we publishing here for posterity?

So here is a statue for General Humberto Delgado, a Portuguese native. Born in Torres Novas in 1906, he was part of the May 1926 revolution that overthrew the I Republic and created the Military Dictatorship, which would pave the way to the New State. He was a loyal supporter of the regime. He published an anti-democratic book in 1933 and wrote in praise of Adolf Hitler.

In 1958, Delgado was expelled from the Portuguese military and took refuge in the Brazilian embassy before going into exile. Attempting to secretly return from that exile in 1965, he was assassinated while returning to Portugal, allegedly under orders by Salazar, the Portuguese dictator.

In 1990, Humberto Delgado was posthumously promoted to Marshal of the Portuguese Air Force, the only person to hold this rank posthumously. The square where the main entrance of Lisbon Zoo is located is named after him. In 2016 the main airport of Lisbon was renamed to honor him. And here’s this statue and now you know some of the story of General Delgado.

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Link: General Humberto Delgado Statue, Porto, PT (10-22-2018)

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