Circle K, Charlotte, NC (10-22-2018)

This Circle K has been rebadged as it used to be a Marathon/Kangaroo Express. Nothing much has changed. The location is ideal if you’re getting onto the Interstate from here. From the highway, there is an intersection with a left turn lane. If you are heading north and exiting at Tyvola to access this station, there’s an ugly merge and you will need to cross two lanes to make the left.

Inside, it’s a decent convenience store with snacks and coffee and other drinks. They do sell beer here.

Gas station pumps are well covered and there are 8 or 10 of them. Prices are competitive but if you are heading south and can hold on another ten miles, you’ll get cheaper fuel at Carowinds due to the lower taxes in South Carolina.

Three stars for a failed receipt printer at the pump. There are squeegees and they have liquid in the reservoir.

[Review 9907 overall, 1485 of 2018.]

Link: Circle K, Charlotte, NC (10-22-2018)

2018-10-22 07.41.02.jpg

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