Cervejaria do Carmo, Porto, PT (10-22-2018)

Later evening when I didn’t really want to wait in a disorganized queue for dinner, I popped over here for immediate service. It’s a neat little spot with character but the vibe is beer inside and out. A few small tables, a short bar and a couple of tables outside is what they have.

A dozen or so choices in beers and I have no idea where they’re from or what they are but I decided that the Pilsner was my choice. Cold, refreshing, delicious.

There is a food menu with a six or so plates and sandwiches, but the one dude working the bar said that only the toast sandwiches were available right now. Okay, the ham and cheese toast was nicely put together but nothing special and it went nicely with a second beer.

This is a beer bar and that’s about it.

[Review 9910 overall, 1488 of 2018.]

Link: Cervejaria do Carmo, Porto, PT (10-22-2018)

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