Ponte Dom Luís I, Porto, PT (10-21-2018)

I can’t resist a bridge review but some bridges are more awesome than others and this one is that awesome. At its construction in 1881, the 172 meter (564 feet) span was the longest of its type in the world.

The concept was originally initiated by Gustave Eiffel (yeah, THAT guy) in 1879 as a single deck bridge but it was redesigned as a two-deck bridge with motor traffic on both decks.

In 2003, the upper deck was closed to motor traffic and was used for the Linha D metro line and pedestrians. Yep, you can easily walk across on the upper deck as I did. Trains pass every five minutes or so but they ring a warning bell so that you won’t get smacked. They’re not easy to miss.

The lower deck is a single lane in each direction. On the Porto side, the T intersection features a traffic light but it doesn’t help with traffic. It’s quite busy. There is a narrow pavement on both sides for pedestrians and bicycles. And if there is no traffic, it’s easy enough to step down off the high curb and walk in the roadway but look out for vehicles.

The bridge itself is absolutely stunning engineering and beautiful to look at. If you’re spending any time at all in Porto, make the effort to walk across the bridge and if you can time it with sunset then do it.

[Review 9905 overall, 1483 of 2018.]

Link: Ponte Dom Luís I, Porto, PT (10-21-2018)

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