Jardim do Morro, Vila Nova de Gaia, PT (10-21-2018)

Busy with tourists and sightseers just before sunset, the Jardim do Morro offers a tremendous view across the Douro of the city of Porto. Built in 1927, the design has changed little. Trees, benches, lovely stairs and a varied topology that makes for plenty of seating near the bandstand. It’s a neat spot if you don’t feel like making the climb to the Mosteiro across the street.

In better weather, you’ll find ice cream and churro vendors.

Easy access with a metro station nearby and the cable car.

[Review 9903 overall, 1481 of 2018.]

Link: Jardim do Morro, Vila Nova de Gaia, PT (10-21-2018)

2018-10-06 18.27.22.jpg

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