Taste Porto Food Tour, Porto, PT (10-20-2018)

So much great food and such a wonderful time with Rita on the Taste Porto tour! The tour started right on time (actually, a little early as all ten of the participants arrived early) and we were off. There is a lot of walking and so you’ll want to wear comfortable shoes. Keep an eye on the weather too, so that you have appropriate clothing as Porto warms in the early afternoon. Bring an umbrella, too!

Our tour ran for close to four and a half hours, which is longer than was described. I didn’t mind this at all and none of the other folks on the tour seemed to even notice. Our stops were detailed and not rushed, our tastes and drinks and eats were delicious, and having some of the cultural spots of Porto pointed out to us were quite helpful.

Pastel de Chaves, Douro Valley olive oil, Georgette canned sardines, Muscat wine, red sparkling wine (yes, a red!), a double layered ham and pork loin sandwich, eclairs (with extra whipped cream!), sausage, ham, cheeses, more wine (a “green” white) and I was simply stuffed. I definitely got my 10k steps in and definitely ate enough to earn them.

There is no shopping on the tour. I liked this because it keeps things moving along instead of waiting for someone to get their transaction completed and packages wrapped.

Absolutely the highlight of my three days in Porto. I’d do it again if I could. Thank you, Taste Porto!

[Review 9899 overall, 1477 of 2018.]

Link: Taste Porto Food Tour, Porto, PT (10-20-2018)

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