Mini Preço Express, Porto, PT (10-20-2018)

This small-sized grocery store is perfectly fine for stocking up your apartment, or as it was for me, picking up a few candies, some bread, cheese and a bottle of wine for a late night snack. The store is a little cluttered but they have all the things you’ll need for food and drink.

Produce, dry goods, spices, personal care items, baby food and baby care, frozen, bakery and beer/wine/spirits. Shelves are well stocked and the prices are clearly marked.

I don’t believe that the young lady who rang me up speaks English but a number on a screen is easy enough to understand when you have cash.

[Review 9898 overall, 1476 of 2018.] (Praça dos Poveiros 50, Porto)

Link: Mini Preço Express, Porto, PT (10-20-2018)

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