Igreja dos Clérigos, Porto, PT (10-20-2018)

One of the main symbols that identify Porto, along with the Ponte Dom Luís I bridge and the Sé do Porto, the Igreja dos Clérigos is the best characteristic landmark for the city.

This Baroque church was built between 1732 and 1750. The tower is 75 meters (250 feet) tall. That’s quite an impressive engineering feat for 1750. And you can climb the tower, the 240 steps will give you a full 360 degree view from the narrow observation deck. The climb is definitely not for those who are either claustrophobic or agoraphobic as the very narrow stairways can be a bit constricting and the view at the top is quite exposed. But worth it!

There is a neat tour of the church and their artifacts to get to the base of the tower and start the climb. I was fortunate to be here while some sort of christening was going on, which was rather cool to see and hear. Ensure that you are here on a clear day to get the best experience.

[Round number review 9900 overall, 1478 of 2018.]

Link: Igreja dos Clérigos, Porto, PT (10-20-2018)

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