All In Porto, Porto, PT (10-20-2018)

Our final stop of the food tour and my favorite. Simply delicious with amazing service and terrific food. I absolutely enjoyed the leisurely hour we spent here.

Starting with the bread and the hand-made olive oil which were terrific. I probably ate more than my share because it was just so tasty.

For “main” course, we had a charcuterie platter that consisted of three cheeses and three meats, with an apricot jam and sliced strawberries. I’m not sure how you get them to make this for you – perhaps just show them the picture. Salami, smoked ham and iberico ham. A soft cow cheese, a slightly more aged version -of the same cheese!- and a paprika cheese. And of course, olives. I can’t even imagine how much you’d pay for this platter but it would be worth it. So delicious.

Did I not mention the wine? That would be unfortunate as we had a bottle to share at the table of five of us. A white “green” wine (the label says “vinho verde”) from Portugal, Pequenos Rebentos (“small sprouts”). It was amazing and if they have it, BUY IT. That was the last bottle of this particular mix, but the one I got that was similar was also excellent.

Service was fabulous. That this cute shop that also sells all sorts of other Portuguese-manufactured trinkets and goodies is not on Yelp is a disservice. If you visit the Clérigos Tower, stop here afterwards. You will thank me.

[Review 9896 overall, 1474 of 2018.]

Link: All In Porto, Porto, PT (10-20-2018)

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