O Porto Statue, Porto, PT (10-19-2018)

This one took some research because the caption was not very explicit. It reads “O PORTO. Estátua que ensimava o antigo edíficio dos paços do concelho na praça nova. 1818 Autoria: João de Sousa Alão (escultor). João Da Silva (mestre pedreiro).”

Big props to Google Translate that told me “Statue that taught the old building of the county councils in the new square. 1818 Author: João de Sousa Alão (sculptor). João Da Silva (Master Mason).” This statue was once on top of the old county council building.

That let me do some more research to find that it was removed from the building and placed here when the old building was demolished in 1916 to make the space that is today Avenida dos Aliados. Several black and white pictures show the statue atop the old building and then being lowered. Thank you, https://monumentosdesaparecidos.blogspot.com/2009/10/antigos-pacos-do-concelho-e-praca-de-d.html!

So this statue has some cool two-hundred-year-old history and it’s important to the city of Porto. Stop by and check it out. It’s towards the bottom of the Avenida dos Aliados and Rua Fábrica.

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Link: O Porto Statue, Porto, PT (10-19-2018)

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