North Square Oyster, Boston, MA (10-19-2018)

Excellent business dinner tonight at North Square Oyster. I booked on Open Table and we arrived on time. Seated immediately at their upstairs dining room, the remainder of our service was very good.

For a start, we ordered six oysters to share. Very nicely presented and quite tasty, they were fresh and delicious. Yum. A little spendy at $3 each, perhaps.

Main course, I ordered the whole bronzoni. As it is a complete fish, I made only one request and that it have the head removed. I’m not a fan at all of having my dinner staring back at me and this was honored with no question. As you can see from the photo, my entire fish arrived, cooked properly and with just the tail. It was delicious. A little spicy, a little bony, but a really nicely prepared meal that I enjoyed.

Good service, good meal, I’m a fan of the North Square Oyster.

[Review 9888 overall, 1466 of 2018.]

Link: North Square Oyster, Boston, MA (10-19-2018)

2018-10-15 18.43.102018-10-15 18.54.10-1

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