Flor dos Congregados, Porto, PT (10-19-2018)

One of the stops of our Porto Food tour, Flor dos Congregados is a little hard to find but worth it. It’s off the usual tourist path but that makes it extra awesome when you’re here. Our stop was at lunch time and we had a reserved table. For later times, you will definitely want to make a reservation.

Slow food is the concept here with 150 years of history. As well, a piano is ready to go and what’s interesting is that it’s here for the diners. The staff don’t play.

For our food tour, we had an interesting sandwich. I wish I’d thought to get a picture of it in profile because it was actually three layers but with the two cuts from opposite sides and each stuffed with a different ingredient. An iberico ham in one and a slow roasted pork loin in the other. Completely delicious and very interesting.

We had a red brut wine with it. Yep, a bubbly red which is something I’ve never had before but will definitely be seeking out again. I would recommend this wine and the restaurant completely.

[Review 9892 overall, 1470 of 2018.]

Link: Flor dos Congregados, Porto, PT (10-19-2018)

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