Casa Chinesa, Porto, PT (10-19-2018)

I was blown away by the superior variety of products on offer here at Casa Chinesa. Located opposite the Mercado Bolhão that is currently closed for remodeling. And before you let the name deceive you, they’re not just Chinese. It’s dang near everything possible for sale here. I can’t possibly list everything, but I will tell you what I’ve spotted.

Nuts and raisins
Freshly dried tea leaves
Health and non-traditional therapies
Jams and jellies
Meats and cheeses
Canned fish including sardines

Prices range from reasonable to slightly high. But I doubt you’ll find much of these things elsewhere in downtown Porto. Service was good.

[Review 9891 overall, 1469 of 2018.]

Link: Casa Chinesa, Porto, PT (10-19-2018)

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