No Name Restaurant, Boston, MA (10-18-2018)

From what I’ve been told, No Name used to be THE spot. After my experience, I think I can say that it is no longer.

Dining alone, I had a brief wait on a Sunday evening for a table. The restaurant is rather dark and not in a romantic way. It felt a little run down almost. My table was a little scarred and the paper place mat helped. My waiter’s tshirt and missing teeth did not. But I stuck it out.

Seafood chowder to start was okay. Loaded with whitefish and not much else, I didn’t spot any clam or shrimp in there. Flavor was light and a little salt helped.

Main course was the lobster roll. Very well loaded with large pieces of lobster meat. A bit more mayo than there needed to be – the mayo is really only supposed to be there just to hold the sandwich together. This was more than that. I did like the cucumber wedge instead of pickle, that was a nice touch.

Fries on the side were a good portion but they were barely warm. A let down.

I opted not to get any dessert here.

Overall, a let down. I had higher hopes but it was just about where the Yelp rating said that it should be: Meh. I’ve experienced better.

[Review 9886 overall, 1464 of 2018.]

Link: No Name Restaurant, Boston, MA (10-18-2018)

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