Mercado Temporário Bolhão, Porto, PT (10-18-2018)

Temporarily moved while the original 19th century structure undergoes MASSIVE renovations that are expected to take at least two years, the Mercado Temporário Bolhão is in business in a very nicely remodeled level of the parking lot UNDERNEATH La Vie Porto Baixa, which is only two short blocks from the original Bolhão. Yes, these should be completely separate businesses as the vibe and feel of the Bolhão isn’t here even though many/most of the original vendors are here.

They have done a quite well at keeping the look and feel of a farmer’s market here. It’s clean, it’s quite well lit and when we stopped by, it was very busy. Fishmonger, butcher, flowers, wine (of course), bakers and so much more. There is even a spot for filming demonstrations – there was one underway when I was here.

There is signage everywhere nearby so if you can find the original Bolhão, you will have no trouble finding the Temporário Bolhão.

So while it’s not the original Bolhão, it’s darned close. I am a fan.

[Review 9884 overall, 1462 of 2018.]

Link: Mercado Temporário Bolhão, Porto, PT (10-18-2018)

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