Cerveja Nortada, Porto, PT (10-18-2018)

While Porto is known for their port wine, they should also be known for their craft breweries. I visited several during my time here and Cerveja Nortada was a great time.

First off, excellent beer. They have a clear board with their published brews, which during my visit included Lager, Dark Lager, Vienna Lager, India Pale Ale, Imperial Stout, Brown Porter, Weiss Bier, Red Ale (limited edition) and Oktoberfest Märzen. Prices also clearly marked and the type of glass which is helpful. €2.70 for a 40cl (close to a US pint) is a very reasonable price.

After I’d enjoyed a beer at the bar, and also chatted with some Canadians who recognized my American accent, I headed over to a table for another beer and dinner.

From the look at the menu, the burger seemed the best choice. It arrived about half a beer later with a big bucket of fries. €8! No ketchup to be seen and no napkins. My waiter didn’t seem to be nearby to request either, which was unfortunate. The burger was very tasty, with a melted chevre cheese. I ate every crumb. Still, some ketchup would have been nice.

Overall, a great time and quite inexpensive at Cerveja Nortada.

[Review 9879 overall, 1457 of 2018.]

Link: Cerveja Nortada, Porto, PT (10-18-2018)

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