The White Bull Tavern, Boston, MA (10-17-2018)

Not an overly complicated menu here at the White Bull, the focus is on wings and burgers and oysters and lobster rolls. We sat at the bar and let the chatty dude working there lead us through two sets of wings and his favorite pizza. All arrived together and all were delicious.

The spicy wings are definitely hot from the grill. Yes, they’re grilled not fried and this makes a big difference for flavor. I prefer them grilled, especially when they’re tasty and meaty like these. Eight wings is definitely plenty for a serving.

The “Agita” pizza is aptly named. With pepperoni and salami on it, it was loaded with flavor and I knew about it for a couple of hours afterwards. Probably would have been better with beer but it was lunchtime on a work day so that wasn’t an option.

Several televisions tuned into the sports channels. It’s not a sports bar, but you *could* be here for the game.

[Review 9875 overall, 1453 of 2018.]

Link: The White Bull Tavern, Boston, MA (10-17-2018)

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