Archie McPhee and Company, Mukilteo, WA (10-17-2018)

It is important to note that this is NOT A RETAIL LOCATION. This is the corporate headquarters and they do not have walk-in anything. So if you want to buy stuff, do it online or go to the shop in Seattle. But if you’re looking to REVIEW the company then you have come to the right place.

Archie McPhee’s Mac & Cheese candy canes came across my Facebook feed one day and on a complete impulse, I decided to place an order. These are apparently very popular so they are limiting purchases to just one box. This worked out fine for me as I really only wanted one candy cane to see if such magic was even possible.

A few days later, the postman put the package in the mailbox and my treat arrived. With something in hand just in case I needed to clear my taste buds, I broke off a piece and tried it. Yep, they are absolutely the flavor of mac & cheese. Same as if it came out of the box with the powdered yellow cheese and everything. That said, one of these is enough. You’ll end up like I did, offering the rest of the package to friends and colleagues.

McPhee also sells a ton of other interesting and appealing goodies. As their saying goes, “We Make Weird.” So if you’re looking for a sunshade that makes it look like your car is full of bees or maybe you need a rubber chicken air freshener (I don’t want to know what it smells like) or maybe a pair of “Vinderpants” (underwear for your wine bottle) then you’ll have it here.

Seriously, after you mark this review “Useful” and “Funny” and “Cool”, go browse their website and you’ll find an awesome way to blast through some of your disposable income.

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