Tokyo Sushi, Porto, PT (10-16-2018)

With all the wonders of Porto food, I ended up eating at a sushi buffet. And you know what? It was very good. Definitely “as good as it gets.”

Escorted to a table as soon as I entered, I made my first of three passes at the sushi buffet immediately. There’s nothing particularly mind-blowing up there, but they do a good job with keeping the buffet line very clean and very well stocked. As good as any sushi buffet as I’ve seen in the States for sure.

Salmon, shrimp, whitefish and a long line of maki rolls in some interesting combinations. Some raw, some cooked, some fried. It’s just fine.

There is also a brief setup of hot food that I mostly skipped. Some noodles, some chicken in sauce, that sort of thing.

Finally, a bunker of ice cream but I’d already eaten my fill by that point.

Hard to go wrong with this much food that was good quality and at a great price. I enjoyed it for sure!

[Review 9867 overall, 1445 of 2018.]

Link: Tokyo Sushi, Porto, PT (10-16-2018)

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