McDonalds, Porto, PT (10-16-2018)

Super packed on a weekday at lunch time, but they have a half dozen or so kiosks to place your order. Standard McDonald’s international menu, fries, burgers, chicken, salads, etc. Nothing particularly special

What’s awesome here isn’t the food. It’s the location. This McD’s used to be a very fancy restaurant (like, for visiting royalty) and when McDonald’s bought the location and intended to build here, the people pretty much rioted. So in order to satisfy the people, McDonald’s agreed to keep/upgrade the interior.

You don’t have to eat anything. But you do need to at least come inside and see the mirrored walls and chandeliers.

[Review 9866 overall, 1444 of 2018.]

Link: McDonalds, Porto, PT (10-16-2018)

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