Shawmut Station – MBTA – Red Line, Boston, MA (10-15-2018)

Shawmut is an underground station on the Red Line and is right in the middle of a completely residential neighborhood. Surrounded by homes and absolutely no commercial buildings, this is all about the commuters.

There is handicapped access with an elevator from the street level and the ticketing area down to the platform level. The usual turnstiles and automated ticket machines are present. Helpfully, there is a visual display upstairs that indicates the next train in either direction so you know if you need to rush your way to the platform or if you can take a more leisurely stroll.

Side platforms and not an island, so the doors will open on the right side. As the station is completely underground, you’re protected from the elements here. There are audible and visual announcements of the next train.

The station is surprisingly clean and quite modern thanks to renovations. It is definitely one of the nicer stations on the Red Line.

Shawmut is between Ashmont (outbound, the terminus of this branch) and Fields Corner (inbound).

[Review 9859 overall, 1437 of 2018.]

Link: Shawmut Station – MBTA – Red Line, Boston, MA

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