Sé do Porto, Porto, Portugal, 10-15-2018

The magnificent Sé do Porto is one of the three symbols that shout “Porto!” to everyone. (The others are the Dom Luís I Bridge and the Clérigos Tower.)

This massive Roman Catholic cathedral dominates the city skyline and is one of the city’s oldest monuments. It’s certainly one of the most important local Romanesque monuments in a city quite full of them.

Completed in 1737, but there are documents showing initial structures here as early as 1147. The huge cathedral is flanked with two square towers. Inside you’ll find massive decorations and a coffered ceiling. Many baroque azulejos from the early 1700’s inside, too.

Definitely a “must see” when you visit Porto.

[Review 9863 overall, 1441 of 2018.]

Link: Sé do Porto, Porto, Portugal, 10-15-2018

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