Micro Center, Cambridge, MA (10-15-2018)

If you’ve been to a Fry’s, then you’re familiar with the Micro Center concept. Everything you would need to put together a computer from loose parts or purchase one whole. Printers and monitors and all sorts of accessories. Computer mouse, mouse pads, keyboards, game controllers, just an impressive list.

Most of the items are priced, many of them are not. Nothing on the shelf, nothing on the item itself, I don’t know if you’re supposed to guess or take things up front or what.

The store is clean and well stocked. They pretty much have everything.

[Review 9860 overall, 1438 of 2018.]

Link: Micro Center, Cambridge, MA (10-15-2018)

2018-10-10 18.58.532018-10-10 19.01.03

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