Bosburger, Dorchester, MA (10-15-2018)

Burger and fries for lunch today. Far from my healthiest choice but it was delicious.

Burgers are cooked to order and you’ll order then pick up at the counter. It’s a decently sized restaurant and it is clean. A television mounted on the wall will keep you entertained while you’re waiting. They have a cooler with bottled sodas and juices. If there’s a fountain, I didn’t see it.

I chose their regular cheese burger and your choice of toppings are included. For me, lettuce and tomato and onion and grilled green peppers. With the very moist burger, the lettuce didn’t help to hold it together so it got pulled out after a few bites.

Fries were nice and crispy, excellent with ketchup.

Why no ketchup pumps? These packets can’t be cheap and if you’re eating in, they’re a pain.

[Review 9858 overall, 1436 of 2018.]

Link: Bosburger, Dorchester, MA (10-15-2018)

2018-10-10 12.10.20-1

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