Bisuteki Japanese Steak House, Cambridge, MA (10-15-2018)

I’m not a fan of hibachi dining. Noise, throwing food and generally feeling as if you’re making your chef dance. It’s everything I don’t like about eating. Fortunately, Bisuteki has regular dining at tables and they also have some seating by the sushi bar.

Dining with a colleague, we did the table thing and we were both happy. I decided to split my meal with a plate of soba noodles and a sushi roll. The noodles were served piping hot and nicely grilled with the chicken fully cooked and vegetables still crunchy. Ideal. The Rainbow Roll was tasty and fresh enough.

Service was good and the restaurant is nice. As long as you don’t mind the occasional flash of a fire at one of the hibachi grills and the folks sitting at that table shouting and clapping. Hey, that’s what they do here.

[Review 9861 overall, 1439 of 2018.]

Link: Bisuteki Japanese Steak House, Cambridge, MA (10-15-2018)

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