Sandemans New Porto Tours, Porto, PT (10-13-2018)

Sandeman’s (distantly related to the local wine maker) does free walking tours in over a dozen different European cities. I’ve been on their tours in Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Madrid, Brussels and Copenhagen. And now, Porto.

The concept here is that the tour is completely free. If you don’t like the tour, you can just drop off. The tour goes straight, you go right, you’re done. No commitment. But if the tour guide is doing a good job and you enjoy it and you’re still there at the end, you’re expected to tip the guide what you feel the tour is worth. I’ve handed over €20 to €30 when that’s happened. (And once, I did not finish the tour.)

You’ll get to see some of the highlights of the city, some of the more interesting spots, and there’s an attempt to get you to also purchase their paid tours, but there is no commitment and it’s a very light sell.

The tour took about three hours. Andre was entertaining, knowledgeable, and spoke excellent English. The sights we saw were definitely interesting and I enjoyed the walk. And it’s a heck of a walk. Be prepared with comfortable shoes.

Definitely book on their web site and they use this to try to keep the size of the tour group manageable. More than 30 and it’s hard. For my Porto tour, there were about 25 of us at the start and around 20 when it finished.

[Review 9844 overall, review 1422 of 2018.]

Link: Sandemans New Porto Tours, Porto, PT (10-13-2018)

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