Statue of António Ferreira Gomes, Porto, PT (10-11-2018)

This modern statue of Bishop António Ferreira Gomes sits right near the tower of the Clérigos Church and today served as the meeting point for my walking tour of Porto.

Bishop Gomes was a Portuguese Roman Catholic bishop, and is considered one of the most notable figures of Portuguese Catholic hierarchy in the 20th century. First appointed by Pope Pius XII as bishop of Portalegre (about 300 kilometers southeast of Porto), from 1949 to 1952. He was appointed bishop of Porto in 1952, a position that he held until 1982.

He opposed the regime of Portuguese prime minister António de Oliveira Salazar, writing a letter that was supposed to be private but was made public. In the letter, he criticized the PM and it eventually caused Salazar to exile Gomes abroad until a new President of Portugal allowed his return in 1969. He eventually retired as Bishop of Porto in 1982 and died in 1989.

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Link: Statue of António Ferreira Gomes, Porto, PT

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