Costa Coffee, Porto, PT (10-11-2018)

I do understand the concept that some coffee shops are trying to support, which is that you’re here to drink coffee and socialize. You shouldn’t be here to spend all day on your laptop. That said, I *was* here to burn off an hour before my walking tour started and I wanted to drink coffee and write Yelp reviews. Nope. If they have a wifi here, I was not able to connect to it.

The latte was delicious and the art was nice. I did enjoy the coffee and the seating is comfortable. It’s a very high tourist area.

[Review 9840 overall, 1418 of 2018.]

Link: Costa Coffee, Porto, PT

2018-10-05 09.04.272018-10-05 09.13.272018-10-05 09.13.31

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