Gazela, Porto, PT (10-10-2018)

Far from fancy, but it’s inexpensive and the service is fantastic. I’ve not felt quite so welcome and as it was my first dinner in Porto, it really put me in a great mood for my entire trip here.

A little busy when I arrived, but I got the last seat at the bar. When I sat down, I was welcomed with a handshake and a proper hello. I tried to order something and the gentleman suggested something else. Sure, we’ll have that. And a beer.

It’s a hot dog, grilled and put into a bun with cheese and “special spicy sauce” that gets panini pressed and sliced into bite sized pieces. Completely different and well less than even €10 with the beer.

Great little spot for a meal if you’re looking for inexpensive.

[Review 9833 overall, number 1411 of 2018.]

Link: Gazela

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