Step in Porto, Porto, PT (10-09-2018)

Four nights here, I found them on and checked the reviews there and elsewhere. When I arrived in the early afternoon, I was pleased to find that the room was excellent. An ideal one-room studio with a kitchenette that has a cooktop, mini-fridge, cookware and tableware, a sofa, television and dining table. The double bed was comfortable.

It was a little warm in the room the first day thanks to the weather. There is no air conditioning, which is something Americans might be used to. The room does have a circulating fan and a heater.

Wifi worked very well and there were plenty of European-style power outlets throughout including at both sides of the bed.

A couple of things to note:
– The main entrance and the door to the apartment are keypad driven. You *must* check your code to make sure you have it correct. I would recommend taking a picture of the code so that you have it on your phone and can’t forget.
The young lady who checked me in was very pleasant and spoke good English. However, she is not there around the clock. This is much more like an “apartment” than “hotel.”
– The room does not have a separate lock beyond the keypad-driven deadbolt. Anyone who knows the code can enter your room and I do not know how often the code is changed. I was a little concerned about this security vulnerability.
-The bathroom was nice and comfortable but had a constant smell of mildew coming from somewhere. It was clean but I could never work out where the smell originated.
– Hot water takes a while to get from wherever it’s stored to the shower. I’m not a fan of letting the water run for nearly ten minutes but once it did arrive, it was plenty hot and at a good pressure.
– It is located a block or two from the nearest metro station. There are restaurants and such nearby. It is quite close to the main parts of Porto and I did not feel insecure walking the streets in the evening. Plenty of folks around.

All that said, I would stay here again. The price was good, the room was lovely and it was comfortable.

[Review 9826 overall, 1404 of 2018.]

Link: Step In Porto
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