La Famiglia Giorgio’s, Boston, MA (10-08-2018)

Italian for lunch today in the North End to wrap up my week in Boston.

First, let me warn you. There’s a lot of food here. With the excellent bread, the pizza, and even the lunch-sized portions, you will not leave La Famiglia Giorgio’s hungry.

For mains, I chose the lasagna and, as I said, lunch is a big dish. It’s delicious. Maybe not the same as the lovely Mrs. K. makes, but it’s rich with tightly assembled layers of ricotta and sauce and pasta noodles and spinach. Very, very good.

I let my colleague also order a pizza that we shared in addition to the mains. Loaded with pepperoni and sausage and meatballs and peppers, it was a little greasy and a lot spicy. Probably not the idea thing to have for lunch and then get on an international flight. Oops.

The second half of my lasagna went into a container to be frozen and will be reheated later in the week.

Service was very good. Food was very good. All around, La Famiglia Giorgio’s was very good.

Link: La Famiglia Giorgio’s
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